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EMBARGO 2014 Info

EMBARGO 2014 is scheduled to take place from 1/23/2014 to 1/25/2014 at the ARIA casino in Las Vegas, NV.

The tournament schedule/buy-ins will be as follows:

Thu     1/23/2014     7:30pm     HORSE                            $60+15+10

Fri      1/24/2014     7:30pm     Chowaha                           $60+15+10

Sat     1/25/2014    11:00am    NLH bounty tournament      $100+20+15

Here are the room rates at the ARIA for those attending EMBARGO:

$159 +$25 Resort Fee = $184 for Friday and Saturday nights

$119+ $25 Resort Fee = $144 for Weeknights

You should be able to obtain these rates for the nights surrounding EMBARGO as well.

There is a special procedure for obtaining these rates:

Email Kat (kpaculan@arialasvegas.com) to make your hotel reservation. She is the poker host at the ARIA. Use code EMBARGO-ARIAPOKER in the subject line.

If you already have an M Life card: Send her your M Life card number if you have it available. If you have a card already but don't have the number handy, send her your first/last name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address so she can look you up.

If you don't have an M Life card, she will need to create one for you. Please supply the same information (first/last name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address) When she confirms your room she will send you your card number and you can pick it up when you arrive (either at the M Life counter or in the poker room).

Make sure to also include the following in your email: room request, dates in/out, any special requests (smoking/non-smoking, king bed or 2 queens, etc.).

A separate announcement will be sent out soon as registration is open. 

Lucky Sunday Indeed!


Borgata had a fleece give-a-way today so I ventured down to AC for my free swag and some VP.

I hit 2 jackpots on the same machine and of course nothing could be sweeter than to listen to the bells and music from both.  And to think I was just going down there to collect a freebie and play a few hours of VP!  What's even more bizzare is that this is the SAME machine I hit a Royal on during ATLARGE this year.

The first one I hit 4 Jacks and a Wild Deuce.  Stupid me pressed the double up button and literally zoned out and picked a number against the machine.  Of course my $800 win turned into $1600 and I didn't even realize it.


Now the Video

Cashed out and kept $400 in and then Royal hit.

New LJ Poster (and soon to be BARGER)

All -

My Fitness Guru and good friend juggernaut67 has a new blog on LiveJournal!!!  Please add him.  He speaks volumes of working out and wellness.

I typically tell him , "When are you coming to BARGE?"

Thank you,




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